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Windows 10

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Windows 10 review

Windows 10 is a multifunctional operating system for computer devices. Microsoft has always strived to create a versatile, functional, and secure software product for various devices. To date, the tenth version of the operating system is the most relevant, modern, and secure. 

Design 9/10

The web-based operating system interface from Microsoft is back to its usual traditions. You can see the familiar "Start" button at the bottom left of the screen. When you press it, you will be taken to a multifunctional menu from which you can open various applications and documents. The interface is designed in dark tones. And the primary color is blue, as it is usual for Windows. The visual design was partly borrowed from a previous version of the Windows operating system. 

Key Functions 10/10

Windows functionality has remained unchanged for many years. You can install this operating system on any laptop or personal computer that has a BIOS. After that, you get all the features of the operating system: file management, surfing the Internet, creating, working with documents, communicating with colleagues and friends, and much more. In the updated version of Windows 10, you can use the built-in application store or download programs from third-party sources.  

Usability 8/10

Many users note the high level of usability of the Windows 10 operating system. But the professional use of the operating system can be difficult. For example, the Start menu and the Folder menu have too many buttons and functions that are sometimes difficult for novice users to work with it. In terms of usability, users try to compare Windows 10 to macOS by pointing out the benefits of the Apple operating system. Except for a large number of menu partitions and buttons, it is convenient and comfortable to work with the operating system. 

Cross-Platform Use 7/10

The developers tried to make Windows 10 a cross-platform operating system. But they managed to do so only partially. The complete and original version is available only for personal computers and notebooks. Of course, you can synchronize your profile with other versions of Windows on tablets or other PCs. But globally, Windows 10 is not suitable for mobile devices and tablets. Different versions of the Microsoft operating system are available for mobile devices. 


The updated version of Windows 10 has returned users the multifunctional Start menu. This made it more convenient to use the operating system on all types of devices. Because previously in Windows 8, menu blocks were located without the Start menu, which was primarily intended for mobile devices. But this was not appreciated by users. 

Developers also paid attention to speed and data security in Windows 10.

Windows 10

4 / 5

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