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Venmo review

Venmo is a mobile application for making money transactions in a few clicks. You can send any amount of money to your friends, who also use this program. And with Venmo, it's easy to pay for your purchases at online stores and apps. The service belongs to PayPal, so they share the same payment system. If you see the "PayPal" icon on the payment page of an online store, you can pay for your purchase using the mobile program. The developers position the service as the first payment social network. 

Design 8/10

The developers have made sure that the web design of the mobile application is as simple and informative as possible. The main colors were white and blue. Users especially like built-in emoji that can be shared with friends. For example, with funny pictures, you can ask for payment for the last meal or ask someone to go to lunch.  

Key Functions 8/10

The main functions of the Venmo mobile app:

  • Pay for your purchases at online stores and apps;
  • Paying together with friends (for example, you can split one dinner bill into equal amounts);
  • Transferring money to users from the contact book;
  • Receive money in a personal account.

You can order the delivery of a physical Venmo card through an app. It is a contactless debit card for payment via POS terminals in shops, restaurants and service establishments. 

All Facebook and smartphone friends who have the application installed are automatically added to the Venmo contact book. Please note that it only works in the US. 

Using most financial services is free. Fees are charged only for credit card payments or ATM withdrawals out-of-network.  

Usability 6/10

The functionality of the application seems to be convenient. But Venmo still has flaws. For example, all transactions and other information about transfers are visible to friends, since the data is published in a standard feed. It is done in order to correspond to the status of a payment social network. But in the privacy settings, this feature can be removed. 

It is inconvenient that only users with the installed application can transfer money. It is popular in the USA, but not everyone uses it. 

The functions of paying for purchases on the Internet and in stores are of the highest quality. 

Cross-Platform Use 9/10

You won't have any difficulty downloading and using the Venmo mobile app on Android and iOS devices. The developers have indicated that the minimum version of Android 5.0 or iOS 9.0 operating system is required to run the program. No version of the payment system is provided for a personal computer. You can use the application only on smartphones and tablets. 


If you actively buy online, the Venmo mobile app will make it easy. You can pay your bills in one click. And you don't have to count on a piece of paper anymore how much your friends owe you for a common dinner. The developers have tried to do Venmo a convenient payment service. But so far, the application has both advantages and disadvantages.


5 / 5

Author: PayPal, Inc.
Latest Version: 7.44.0
Publish Date: 2020-01-13
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