Traffic Rider for Android

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Traffic Rider History of development and formation of the genre of racing is quite rich and, frankly, self-sufficient. But, by all appearances, the time has come to open a new Chapter.

Stunning technical characteristics of modern gadgets running Android freed the hands of developers and given them a powerful tool for the development of next-generation games.

Moreover, more and more clearly begins to emerge a paradoxical trend: at a time when high-quality simulators rarely popular on PC and consoles, there are craftsmen that make efficient use of the productive capacity of mobile platforms to create the arcade racing games premium. Traffic Rider for Android is one of them.

Traffic rider

Sitting comfortably on the aggressive bike and clutching tight to the steering wheel, you challenge the stopwatch on the busy city (and not only) tracks: competitions of this kind are given to understand that the bike is ideal for delicate maneuvering between objects of bustling traffic.

But to get to the finish line is not as easy as it might seem at first: road users behave arrogantly and unpredictable; sometimes it seems that their behavior is subject to some inexplicable logic. Thus, the game keeps you on your toes, forcing you to vary the speed of the drive and strip the asphalt track in order to avoid fatal accidents. By the way, the riders are able to maintain a high speed during a race or to perform a dangerous overtaking – good responsive handling that does not interfere, is encouraged sunglasses style.

Traffic Rider Android

Climbing the corporate ladder takes place on the vast expanses of the map, pleasing the eye not only industrial landscapes and beautiful scenery of deserts, the cold of the highways and rugged mountains. On top of that chase have both day and night. After reaching a certain level, you can try your hand in other game modes – talking about time trials and free riding, which significantly diversify the routine passage story campaign.

But let us return for a moment to control it, to the pleasant surprise, sold very well. Traffic Rider gives the player complete freedom of action: the use of the accelerometer (with sensitivity adjustment) or buttons on the screen; the standard D-pad the d-pad or a virtual steering wheel; manual or automatic acceleration – the availability of such comprehensive and flexible scheme looks unprecedented.

Traffic Rider

Before you is the case when the surface is not too well written reviews will not be able to get a good idea about the game, to feel it – there is a personal experience. And be careful on the roads, if that.

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