Snowboard Party 2 for Android Review

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Snowboard Party 2 It is no secret that with the arrival of winter, especially popular are “winter” toys for Android.

Most often, we are talking about winter sports: hockey, skiing, skating, snowboarding. And if you go to a ski resort in person or stayed indoors because of a cold, but want a little “winter extreme”, the project Snowboard Party 2 from Ratrod Studio created especially for you!

Snowboard Party 2 for Android boasts user-friendly controls and a large amount of content. Fans of games of snowboarding will find a lot of familiar for yourself, and especially those who managed to play in the first part of the project.

Get ready for the snow and tricks. To focus on the locations is pretty easy, and study skills can have on the process. Show yourself or to learn a new trick feature “Freestyle”. It is possible to obtain experience points, which, in turn, are spent to unlock new levels and various improvements.

The choice available, and other game modes:

  • Time attack – race on time;
  • Big air – execution of tricks in the air;
  • Half-pipe stunts in a limited area.
  • If you are a beginner in digital snowboarding, a decent education will help to understand some important details. Note again that the management of Snowboard Party 2 was intuitive. Even the stunts are realistic to implement.

Despite the fact that the game is not free, experience points serve as a sort of key to unlocking all the locations and content. This is entirely achievable, if not to despair after the first or second failure.

Snowboard Party 2 is a realistic physics, beautiful scenery, breathtaking stunts and the sea of pleasant emotions. In addition, unlike real snowboarding, you run the risk of injury or hypothermia.

Play Store — $1.99

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