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This modest indie project is in the top paid games of Google Play for several weeks, and it is possible to find a sufficient number of positive reviews.

Obviously, we could not ignore the Pixel Z — Unturned day. The game is extremely challenging and sometimes frightening. It is far from perfect, but its huge potential is visible to the naked eye. Talk about the new shooter in more detail.


Us welcomes the open world, which is inhabited by not-too-friendly-minded zombies. We start with character selection and one of three modes: Death Match for multiplayer battles; Sandbox for training and familiarity with the basics of the game mechanics; Zombie Land mode “survival”.

Multiplayer is implemented as a closed arena where two teams compete. Players can pick up weapons, armor and first aid kits. However, the network has information that the multiplayer is simply not functioning. Personally, we failed to catch someone on a virtual platform.

In Sandbox mode, we move around the city, hiding between buildings and vehicles, interact with objects, climb on rooftops and shoot out the walking dead.

Zombie Land is a huge open area, filled with different locations. We will meet and cityscapes, and farms and forests with small huts. Street buried loot, which is useful in the fight against the living corpses. We will not be a problem to find weapons, armor, flashlights, first aid kits, food or water.

Among the distinctive features of Pixel Z — Unturned day the opportunity to create his own shelter using the materials selected in the passing game. The advantages of the shooter should also include the dynamic change of time of day (it is noteworthy that the night lasts longer than day).


Zombies in Pixel Z — Unturned day moving quickly and erratically. It often happens that they catch you by surprise. Pleasantly surprised by the variety of enemies, and let them differ only by color. But, as we would not want to call this component of the project is not perfect. First, the dead are reborn with incredible speed. Secondly, they are very hard to kill, sometimes this is not enough and five headshots.


To control the character’s actions, we will need both hands. The left part of the screen is responsible for movement of the hero. To the right are buttons for shooting, reloading, use of sight and access to the backpack. Besides, right side of the display allows you to turn the head from side to side. The only thing that can cause gripe, is the lack of sensitivity settings.


Undoubtedly, fans of the original Minecraft feel a sense of pleasant nostalgia. But we are not sure that the regular fans to shoot dead the evil will appeal to the local beauty. Zombies like a rectangle with two red spots (refers to eyes) and strange dangling limbs. It took us a while to get used to the angular pixel textures and the ridiculous sight of the environment. Even more paradoxical is the fact that the game manages to stay in their own scary and atmospheric.


We were unable to detect any lag, but some players reported problems and “frieze”. In our opinion, the developers need to work on the flexibility of the control system and think about adding a difficulty mode for beginners. Respawn of enemies and a huge number of them are capable of making life unbearable for any player – there is clearly need optimization.

Sometimes, during grinder with zombies, I had to dream about the view from the 3rd person, as it was difficult to understand what is going on and who to shoot. Another issue concerns the keys on a small display they will be too small and uncomfortable. We have already talked about multiplayer – it needs to get to work without errors. Not be amiss and a small tutorial that will introduce people to the gameplay and give suggestions for interaction with the surrounding world.

Pros Pixel Z — Unturned Day for Android:

  • Really scary zombie shooter;
  • Open world;
  • You can collect materials to create structure and a new weapon;
  • A large number of LUT;
  • The revival in the point of the game over’a;
  • Funny characters;
  • Intuitive interface;
  • Modes Sandbox and Zombie Land;
  • Change the time of day;
  • Great atmosphere, despite the rough texture and strange color solutions;
  • Good soundtrack;
  • Vehement opponents.

Cons Pixel Z — Unturned Day for Android:

  • The lack of control settings;
  • Incredible complexity, designed for hardcore gamers;
  • No choice of difficulty level;
  • Many gameplay elements need improvement;
  • The problems with the multiplayer;
  • There is no training episodes.

The verdict

Pixel Z — Unturned Day will definitely appeal to fans of zombie shooters. It surprises with its atmosphere, freedom of action, and it is inexpensive (currently a special offer – price is only 1$). Open world, populated by aggressive tambaram are not only interesting and dangerous, but good and is able to tickle the nerves of gamers.

Sad that the extreme complexity of does not allow to fully assess the merits of the project. We hope that the developers will listen to criticism, will work on mistakes and to eliminate defects. We would be very disappointed if the game will not be able to fully realize their potential.

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