Paintball 2.0 for Android: review – magical colorful shooters

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Paintball 2.0 A great shooter for kids and adults with a colorful interface and lots of cool locations. Play Paintball 2.0 – test your accuracy.

Got me here in the hands of one game – a virtual paintball. “Shooter” I love it, but don’t like to kill anyone, even the computer characters. And then shoot you, and kill it is necessary for nobody.

When you first enter immediately struck by the cool graphics and active-positive music. Like most Android games, there is paid content available, but to enjoy the gameplay without spending money.

For leveling weapons need to click on it and then choose what to upgrade. By the way, it is the weapon, called a token. Professional paintball vocabulary?

When you come to your position, it is possible to get confused, especially if you don’t read hints. Nice town – rat run, from the Windows, wells and other hiding places out characters who should be the head of the penis with paint. It is best to get in a head – accrued more points.

Fun to see how snide cocky grin slides off the face of the enemy when you hit him paint between the eyes. If you do one shot of one character – the game will not pass never. It is necessary to shoot the more the better.

With control handle even a small child. However, the game Paintball 2.0 and advertised as “3+”. IPad or iPhone is better to put on the table. I held in my hands, but it is inconvenient, and the phone heat up a little (case, of course, the phone itself). The left hand is responsible for sight, and right for the shots. The sight and moves quite quickly, and the button “Fire” is static, it is necessary to press incessantly.

At the moment the game has several locations that open as it passes. At first this city, then it will be a graveyard, a pirate ship and other interesting places. Characters and locations are drawn very cute and a little bit fabulous, the child is definitely not scared. Another plus is the nice music.

With promotion on levels, thing is a little more complicated. For example, you need to shoot only bandits and the hostages to not touch it. For an additional fee, you can buy paintballs, guns, settings and coins. Well, for coins you can buy everything.

The game is available for all owners of Android devices with operating system version 4.4 or higher. In General, if you really want to shoot, but there is no one who can kill legally, download the game Paintball 2.0.

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