Ninja hero for Android: the amazing “cube” tanks

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Variations on the theme of “tank wars” at the forefront of downloading and number of fans. It seems that a new here than you can imagine, and to compete with the leaders is difficult, but the project Block Tank Wars proves the opposite – the character can still be original, unusual and the most exciting.

Looking ahead to say that in addition to several strengths, the game has a twist – it works fine even on outdated models of tablets and smartphones on Android. Yes, and the minimum required version is 2.3, which expands the scope of potential audience.

So, in ninja hero for Android you have to drive a tank and get itself a title of the winner (or loser) on a dangerous, enemy-infested, but just fields of battle. A choice of three available game modes: normal (like a standard transmission level with increasing difficulty), survival (best option for quick money virtual currency) and “online” (online battles against real players in real time).

Your global goal is to survive by killing all or as many enemies as possible. A key aspect is the variability of the tanks themselves. 8 different models that you can fight against eight types of enemy tanks – these conditions say that you will need to act strategically.

For example, projectiles can bounce off walls (Yes, in the virtual world everything happens according to his laws), to fly them to automatically pursue a goal that moves, and so on. You will understand that it is not always necessary to enter a head-on collision with the foe, but to stand still is not recommended, because the gifts from the artillery, can arrive at any time.

Card Block Tank Wars are not very large, however, the complexity and diversity of the internal structure compensate for this little drawback. Winning, you earn virtual dollars, which are used to improve one of the characteristics of the tank: health (armor), speed and power shells. In addition, you can improve the skills of the crew.

The game has great physics and quite convenient control. To control the process in two ways – one joystick for movement and taps for shots, or two joysticks for the drive and rotation of the tower and taps to fire. The default option we liked more because the manual rotation of the tower of the tank does not give appreciable advantages.

In General, the games deserve only kind words. Among the main advantages include the lack of donation, level 72 and 108 single-player missions, regular updates and improvements from developers, fun online mode, and an elaborate system of differences “mechanical monsters”. Oh yeah, here even the boss levels are, so we recommend this game as one of the best versions of “tank battle” for mobile devices.

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