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Minecraft review

Minecraft is the legend game developed by Mojang Studios for the numerous platforms. Minecraft game belongs to a sandbox survival genre. The initial release date is 18 November 2011. This sandbox game has two modes: a single-player and a multiplayer. Minecraft coming out on Windows, OS X, Linux, and mobile platforms (Android and iOS). You can download Minecraft’s latest update on Steam, Google Play, or Apple Store.

Graphics 8/5

The Minecraft full game has very specific graphics. The game’s world is built from the blocks, therefore, each object has the block structure with no rounded corners. Sometimes, it may seem awkward and not realistic but after several hours of playing you will get used to it.  

Gameplay 10/10

The Minecraft gameplay does not have the final goal you need to accomplish and provides you the full freedom on what you want to do. The game has five modes that differ by the basic rules and player’s action limits: survival, hardcore, creative, adventure, and spectator. During the survival mode, you need to build the constructions to defend yourself from the monsters. The mode has a limited number of resources and materials. 

The hardcore mode is based on the survival mode’s rules but with the hardest settings and rules. On the other hand, playing the creative mode, you have no limits in materials, resources. There are no monsters or other things that can threaten your life. Your main goal is to build whatever you want and explore the Minecraft world. In the adventure mode, you can experience the maps designed from other users. Mote, each map has different limits and rules. Finally, the spectator mode allows you to do nothing and just observe the gameplay of other players.

All music and sounds that are in Minecraft were written by C418. It is a German musician named  Daniel Rosenfeld. In the background, the developers use calm instrumental ambient music. In addition, there are several tracks. 

–°ontrols 10/10

As the game is available on numerous platforms, the controls and commands differ. Overall, Minecraft is a very popular game, therefore, there are thousands of instructions and tutorials which describe how to play it. We are sure that you will definitely not have any problems with this. 

Replay Value 10/10

Despite the fact that Minecraft was released almost ten years ago, the players’ base is continuing to grow. It is due to a large number of maps created by various users, gameplay freedom, and a multiplayer mode. Moreover, the game is also used for educational purposes. 


The Minecraft review showed that game has a lot of advantages that are made it iconic. Among them, the unique graphics and sounds are written especially for the game, five modes, a large number of maps, tons of customization options, and so on. Minecraft is the legend game played by millions of people across the world. We recommend you to download Minecraft on one of the platforms and join this community.


4 / 5

Author: Mojang AB
Latest Version: 1.14.30
Publish Date: 2019-09-02
Size: 289 MB