Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V

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Rockstar North

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Grand Theft Auto V review

Grand Theft Auto 5 is the latest part of the iconic saga that Rockstar Games released for the PC in 2015. You return to Los Santos, a bustling metropolis filled with robbers, crooks, law-breakers, and psychopaths. To find out if you can survive in this crazy world, download GTA 5 to your device and search for happiness there. 

Graphics 10/10

Compared to its predecessors and even console versions, the graphics of this GTA has become much better. At the time of the game release, Los Santos looked like a real-life city. But even now, after so much time, it does not cease to fascinate. You can see detailed landscapes, cars, faces of characters and NPCs, and spectacular cinematic videos. Also, the draw distance increased, which made the game even more realistic. In particularly tense moments, FPS decrease, but it is not critical for the game perception. 

Gameplay 10/10

Playing a single-player campaign, you control three characters with different skills and characteristics (for the first time in this series), which are interconnected. You can switch between them at any time. The game has 62 main missions that can be completed in various ways and many side quests. Among them are robberies, chases, exploration of the underwater world, sports, and stock trading. 

Los Santos is an open world that you can explore on foot or by car. The city lives its own life, and literally, around every corner, you can find something interesting. In addition to completing tasks, you can play mini-games and just live an ordinary life: change your character’s hairstyle, walk a dog, make tattoos, tune cars and weapons, ride a bike, and go to a strip club. Remember, your actions affect the world. So, if you kill someone in the gateway, the next day, be ready to find police cars and detectives there. 

The multiplayer mode GTA 5 Online supports up to 30 players at a time. Here you can travel around Los Santos with even more freedom of action. Play against other users or team up to complete challenging missions together. 

Controls 8/10 

Initially, the GTA 5 game was released for consoles, and after a while, there was a PC version. In this regard, the controls were completely redone for the keyboard and mouse. Of course, it is more convenient to control a car or a helicopter using a gamepad, but using a mouse, you can shoot more accurately. Although driving a vehicle can be mastered in a couple of minutes, before start playing GTA 5 review the main buttons. 

Replay Value 10/10 

You can play the game for many hours in a row and still not discover all its features. Even after you finish the main campaign, there are still a lot of things to do. And the multiplayer mode opens up almost limitless possibilities. Fun fact: if you eat the fruit of a particular cactus, you will fall under the influence of hallucinogen and turn into a dove, rabbit, or even fish. Go and find it. 


The fifth part of the popular franchise is definitely worth playing. A detailed and thoughtful world will drag you in for many hours, and high replay value will force you to play it repeatedly to improve or worsen your final statistics of murders, social connections, and other stuff. Download Grand Theft Auto 5, Los Santos is waiting for you!

Grand Theft Auto V

4 / 5

Author: Rockstar North
Publish Date: 2019-06-05
Size: 72 GB available space

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