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Facebook Lite review

Facebook Lite is a social media app created for Facebook users who want to stay online while using the phone. The app is lightweight and does not require anything else except for the Internet. It saves space and contains all the features of the Facebook full version.

Design 10/10

Facebook Lite has a standard for Facebook design. You will not feel much difference between those two apps, while the one weighs less and works faster. The Facebook Lite app uses the standard color palette of Facebook, which is blue and white. You will not miss anything from your newsfeed or requests, mainly because everything in Facebook Lite is in its previous places. There is not much destruction in Facebook design from updates of your friends, photos, and your favorite news. You will find that all signs are standard, and you know what they mean. Every tool you need is in front of you.

Features 10/10

Facebook Lite is famous for its features which are almost the same as in the standard Facebook version. If you have not tried Facebook before, you will find there numerous attractions. Main services of Facebook Lite:

  • You can search for all your school friends and family members by using advanced search features;
  • All the standard Facebook emoji is kept in Facebook Lite;
  • You may update your status, and post everything you want using your Android phone;
  • Once your friends leave comments of like your photos and posts you will be notified with a push notification;
  • You can pick which content you want to receive on the main display;
  • Check out all social event, and pick whether you want to attend them or not;
  • You may save photos that you like putting them into photo albums.

Usability 10/10

If you already have your own Facebook page, you don’t need to create one. All you need is to confirm your login and password in the app. The program will remember you so you would not have to come to repeat the procedure. If you don’t have an account, you can register it, which will take just several minutes of your time. The main features are on the upper bar of the screen. If you want to check the news screen simply scroll down. Facebook Lite app is very intuitive.

Compatibility 10/10

You can use the Facebook Lite app on your Android phone anytime you want. However, you always have to use Wi-Fi. While the app does not require a strong Internet connection, it will not work without the complete absence of the Internet. Make sure you remember your Facebook passwords. You can use the app on Android and iOS. There is a desktop version of this social media. Facebook Lite was created for different models of Android phones.


You don’t need the latest Android smartphone, to use Facebook Lite. You don’t even need to have the strongest Internet connection or the biggest amount of empty space. This app was created for people who want to stay in touch with their Facebook page and friends, no matter where they are or what they do. The app offers all your favorite features and has an intuitive interface.

Facebook Lite

4 / 5

Author: Facebook
Latest Version:
Publish Date: 2020-03-25
Size: 1.5M