Upskill Releases New Software For Augmented Reality

Saulo Velez


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Augmented reality has just been taken to the next level with the help of Upskill’s latest software called Skylight. According to the company, funded by General Electric Co. and Boeing Co., the software can be used through smart glasses and will display warehouse information and help maintenance workers complete their job faster.

Based in Vienna, Virginia, Upskill has been on the forefront of AR or Augmented Reality software for a long time now and has developed an easier user interface for their software to enable it to be used more widely.

How Can Skylight Be Helpful?

The possibilities are endless with this software, even though it is relatively new. It will allow workers to easily locate inventory, find exactly what they are looking for without having to search through every box. They can check picking instructions without having to use their hands to read manuals, so their hands are free for carrying materials. For maintenance workers, the software will display the layout of the warehouse to easily find the area that needs attention. It is even useful for companies that are training new employees around the peak demand period to reduce the timeframe significantly.

Who Is Using Skylight?

Since it is a new concept, very few companies have any vested interest in Skylight, but it is set to take off soon, given its potential. Both companies, Boeing and General Electric, have already implemented the software and smart glasses into their companies. This will be an opening for other companies to follow suit.

In terms of funding, Upskill has also been reached out to by New Enterprise Associates or NEA. They are a massive venture capital establishment that has already made big-time investments in technology startups that work in supply chains. Some of these include Aera Technology and Transfix which they invested $50 million and $42 million respectively.