Six Fortnite Weapons You Must Pay Attention To

Saulo Velez


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An experienced player can benefit from all of the weapons available in Fortnite. However, you can always find a weapon that experienced players called the best among others. If you are a beginner and would like to learn about six best weapons in the game, then check out the list that we made below.

Semi-Automatic Rifle

Semi-Automatic Rifle fortnite

Undoubtedly, a semi-automatic assault rifle is the most powerful weapon in Fortnite. Currently, it is available only in the Rare mode. But this is the best weapon you can get in the game! It is useless at close range, but don’t forget that it is a sniper rifle. Besides the obvious reasons, if you need an accurate shot from a distance, you will get it using SAR.

Pump Shotgun

Pump Shotgun fortnite

A pump shotgun solves a bunch of completely different tasks. Regardless of the rarity, the weapon you will use is the best weapon compared to other action shotguns, which have less DPS. Of course, the semi-automatic shotgun is just a more versatile weapon, but the pump-action system can perform better at close distances.

SCAR Assault Rifle

SCAR Assault Rifle fortnite

Assault rifles are the bread and jam of any shooter, and Fortnite is no exception. This weapon should be installed in your first slot. Epic and legendary assault rifles have increased damage compared to conventional and usual variations. An assault rifle is usually a general weapon.

Bolt-action Sniper Rifle

Bolt-action Sniper Rifle fortnite

It is a powerful and very accurate sniper rifle with a shutter mechanism, which leads to reliability, but a lower rate of fire. In addition, it is the most dangerous type of sniper rifle in Battle Royale mode. Do not let DPS values ​​mislead you. In fact, the rifle has the lowest DPS due to the built-in bolt mechanism, but it is better than an automatic sniper rifle.

Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launcher fortnite

Many players are still discussing whether to add a rocket launcher to the list of the best weapons in the game. But it all comes down to damage statistics, where the rocket launcher wins on the background of each weapon.

Legendary Pistol

Legendary Pistol fortnite

The last one on our list of weapons is the Legendary Pistol. Some players know that, in spite of this weapon doing decent damage to enemies, there are still some things that need to be changed. Most players even switch it to SMG when they destroy enemy buildings because it’s not working. However, the weapon should be in your equipment, but only after Epic Games fixed it.

Which One to Choose?

Naturally, in online shooting, we have a lot of weapons. Some are better, others worse, but one thing is certain: we can’t win without them. Of course, the most experienced players can handle any weapons, but it is better to equip yourself with quality armor.

Of course, each of you probably has a favorite type of weapon. Now you know which arsenal is best to use. One more thing, if at the beginning of the game, you hit one of the weaker types of weapons, pick it up. Later, you can replace it with more powerful weapons.

So, did you like our top list? Maybe, something is missed? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.