Cool Things To Try In GTA 5 Online

Saulo Velez


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Are you tired of being on quarantine and want to have fun outside? Then join us in GTA Online. It is a multiplayer mode in GTA 5 that supports up to 30 players at the same time and offers almost limitless possibilities. There are a vast number of competitive and cooperative tasks. 

In this article, we will tell you what you can do on the streets of Los Santos to have fun with friends and like-minded people. And although new content has not been added to the game for a long time, we are sure we have something to surprise you with! 

Kill Them All

A bit of a cruel start, but why else do we need multiplayer? In a special mode called The Slasher, you take a shotgun and go hunting for unarmed players with flashlights. You need accurate shooting and control over your own fear because you have to move in the dark. By the way, you got only three minutes to try and kill all hunted players. After this time, they also get weapons and begin to chase you. 

If you, the slasher, kill everybody and win, then you stay in the next round. And if someone from the hunted kills you, then this person will become a slasher in the next round. But if both the slasher and one of the victims survive, the mission will be considered failed. 

To make this mode even more interesting, you can set several conditions with other players. For example, limit the use of flashlights or even killings, and turn the game into the hide and seek. This way you’ll be able to have fun for hours. 

gta 5 characters cosplaying pulp fiction

Green or Purple 

We think everyone already knows that a full-scale war is going on in GTA 5 Online. At first, the streets of Los Santos were filled with green aliens; they attacked the inhabitants and rioted. In response to the atrocities of the greens, purple aliens appeared in the game. Sometimes they save civilians, but mostly they fight with the green invaders. Apparently, in the wake of the popularity of this alien invasion, developers provided players with a 40% discount on laser weapons. 

What remains for common players? Join one of the gangs or join the police: patrol the streets, and try to stop this meaningless war. It is not clear yet how this will end, but so far, the aliens continue to wreak havoc. And at the same time, they fill the Internet with all kinds of memes and funny videos. 

Play Sport 

To escape from cruelty, we will tell you about the sports that are available in GTA Online. Compete with other players to earn money and reputation points. 

Take a couple of your friends and head to the golf club. The game has several clubs with different sites and terrain. So you can easily kill an hour, or even more. Or just take the golf cart and drive around the courts to annoy other players until you get bored. 

GTA Online may please tennis lovers as well. There are several locations, different kicks, and the usual tennis rules. By the way, if you do not want to play with NPCs, you can easily find a partner among real gamers on the Reddit GTA Online section. 

There is a flying school in the game. To finish the training, you need to do ten mini-missions and complete the tasks. For example, you will have to land a helicopter on a moving truck. After graduating the school, you will get a special shirt and a big sum of money. 

You can also jump with a parachute, do parkour and stunt jumps, shoot at the shooting gallery, and take part in arm wrestling or darts competitions. 

Races and Cars

And of course, we could not ignore the races in GTA Online. We recommend starting with street races. Although they are considered basic, with their help, you can perfectly test and even improve your driving skills, because driving through narrow streets and alleys is not easy. And having pumped your skills here, you can proceed to rally racing. Take a friend as a navigator and go to conquer challenging routes. Just remember that for this, you will need a microphone and a headset to communicate with a friend. 

Well, of course, you can’t go to the race without a good car. Before buying a vehicle, you can consider in detail its characteristics — speed, handling, and more. To accurately come to the finish line first, choose your car from the list of supercars — they are GTA Online fastest cars. In general, in the game, you can buy almost everything: from a bicycle to a helicopter and a bus, including military equipment. If you want to, you can even hire a mechanic who will repair and deliver your cars. 

Make Money 

For those who would like to receive the title of the most successful GTA 5 Online money maker, the game has many legal and not very legal ways to get money. First of all, robberies come to mind as the fastest way to make a profit. You can rob other players, shops or gas stations, steal cars, or you can go for a larger business. For example, rob an elite apartment. In this case, the potential earnings can reach $ 400 thousand per hour. 

If you are an ordinary resident and do not want to break the law, you can take part in more peaceful events. Stay tuned for premium races that offer dual fees, or races that are organized on freeways. Engage in special cargo delivery and air travel. Or arrange the production of goods in the Bunker or Motoclub. 

And do not forget to send most of the money to your bank account. After all, if they attack you on the street, they can take all the cash. 

gta v character on boat with money game poster

Onwards and Upwards 

Of course, this is not all. You can have a home party, go to the movies, gym or strip club, chat with homeless people, listen to the radio, and share your favorite tracks with friends. And with the built-in editor, you can create your own missions, including races and shootouts. Some users successfully recreate classic missions from previous GTA projects. 

The world of GTA Online is constantly growing and changing with the addition of new content. The developers from Rockstar Games have promised to add new activities and events soon. In the meantime, we expect updates from them, tell us what have you already managed to try from our list? Maybe you have a personal recommendation on what we all should try in GTA Online?